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Extensive experience of 40 years in public, private and not for profit sectors, as Vice Chancellor (2008), United Nations Representative, New York (2007), Commissioner, Government of India (2004), Director, Ministry of Finance (2001), Executive Director, NYKS & Deputy Secretary Ministry of HRD (1997), DRI (1993), IRS (1985), New India Assurance (GIC,1981), Senior Research Fellow, UGC (1981), JRF, CSIR (1980), National Science Talent Search Scholar, NCERT (1974). Recipient of Presidential Award, Republic of India in 2003, Recipient of Hiroshima Peace Award, Higher Education Excellence Award and several commendations for distinguished service, (1985 to 2008), Global Environment Outlook Reviewer, Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change, (2006), Fulbright Visitor, US (2005), Ausaid Fellowship, Australia (2001). National Gandhi Fellowship, Gandhi Smriti, Ministry of Culture (2000). Visiting Professor / Resource Person at WIPO, Washington, Monash University, Lancaster University, UNEP at Trieste, Italy, WII, National Academies, IIMA, NACEN, NIFM and NADT. Editor NICE Journal of Business, Chief Editor, International Journal of Contemporary Research in Engineering & Technology, Editor "Yuva Bharat', and 'New Dimensions'. Authored/Edited, 'The World of Money laundering, Commercial frauds & Financial Crimes’ and 'Regional Economic Engagements and Free Trade Agreements', 'Indian Civilization through the Millennia', 'Give Nonviolence a Chance', 'The Nonkilling Paradigm', 'Give Nonkilling a Chance' and ''Aloha' and Arcadia' Book of Poems. Founder, Global Knowledge Alliance, Melbourne, Founding Partner at Global Opportunities Commercialization, Australia, Patron, Melbourne School of Knowledge Management, Australia (2005),‘Sambhav' not for profit Trust against drug abuse and deaddiction (2008), ‘Sambhavami’, not for profit society to promote voluntarism through self help and micro enterprises (1992) and ‘Youth and Biosphere’(1984).

Our Post Corona Covid-19 Future


As a realist optimist in a post Corona world, I foresee a new world order where societies and nations are remodeling and realigning to a more resilient and more forward looking future driven by science and reason.  Lest we forget, in the in the killing fields of a different kind during the last 2000 years of our existence mankind has confronted more than 20 different epidemics and has lost over 400 million lives. In these times of the unprecedented Novel Corona or the COVID19 epidemic outbreak, it is estimated that we may lose over a million lives with over 10 million [...]

Our Post Corona Covid-19 Future2020-08-31T23:38:28+05:30

Is Education in Crisis: Towards Global Best Teaching Learning Process in Pandemic Times


I touch the future. I teach, as I quote these ominous words of Christa McAuliffe, perhaps no one ever had thought of the looming disaster of the Covid-19 pandemic! Yes, universities have faced major challenges, such as in the wake of the technotronic age and the onset of the MOOC courses and have undergone major transformations, in their functions, nature and scope but none that will bring us to the ultimate challenge of new normal. Let us take a brief  is however little in terms of their governance structures as also the teaching learning process and the pedagogy, to cope with [...]

Is Education in Crisis: Towards Global Best Teaching Learning Process in Pandemic Times2020-08-18T14:51:18+05:30

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