Project Description

Certification Course in Development Journalism

Course ID – GKA-041

Goal: To upgrade the skills of aspiring and career journalists and equip them through online lectures by experts and senior journalists to communicate with authority about development and economic issues.

The objective will be achieved by

Familiarising the participants with the linkages between development, media and Communication

Underscoring techniques and strategies for news gathering and distribution

Initiating dialogue and debate on issues connected with the developing world – especially achievements, strengths and challenges

Focussing on regional cooperation, international understanding, goodwill, peace and security

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Certification Course in Development Journalism

Course ID – GKA-041

Course Content

Importance of history in shaping the hopes and aspirations of people – essentially keeping in focus the socio economic history, migration pattern, trade and commerce, social and cultural transition among different communities and people.

Governance, human rights and Justice with fairness

Equity distribution

Factors of production and Economic growth


Role of Media and Development

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