Prof (Dr) Anoop Swarup
Chairman, Global Knowledge Alliance

Presidential Awardee of Republic of India in 2003, Dr Anoop Swarup has over 35 years of distinguished professional experience In diverse roles as life scientist, administrator, peace activist, futurist, social entrepreneur and educationist. He is recipient of United Nations Economic & Social Council for Asia Pacific, Hon’ble Mention in the year 2000 and Global Environment Outlook Reviewer with the IPCC, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, Amrita Devi Vishnoi Medal in 2013 and Citation by the Zoological Society of India in 2014 for outstanding research & academic contribution in the field of Environmental Studies in 2014. Dr Anoop Swarup has worked, as Vice Chancellor of Shobhit University in 2008 and as the founding Vice Chancellor of Jagran Lakecity University in 2012. He has also worked in senior positions with the Government of India including Director and Commissioner from 1981 to 2007. Prof Swarup holds a Doctorate in Bioscience and three distinguished Masters in diverse fields and an MBA having secured first positions and University Gold Medals. He has been a Fulbright International Exchange Visitor to the United States (2004), Mahatma Gandhi National Fellow (2002), recipient of Ausaid Fellowship (2001), recipient of NCERTs National Science Talent Scholarship (1971), UGCs JRF (1980), CSIRs SRF (1981) and Commonwealth Scholarship to Cambridge University (1981). Dr Swarup work on analysis of systems and interpretation of a hypothetical model of existence has been cited as a unique and multidisciplinary research on human interaction with the ecosystem, opening the field of anthropogenesis and futuristic studies on life sciences and the environmental from the perspective of human conflicts, political ecology and development economics. He has been a resource person and a Visiting Professor with Monash University, Australia, Lancaster University, UK, International Institute of Strategic Studies, Geneva, and WCO at Brussels, WIPO Washington DC, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and several other Institutions in India and abroad. He has authored several research papers and books notable being ‘The World of Money laundering, Commercial frauds & Financial Crimes’ and “Regional Economic Engagements And Free Trade Agreements: Analytical Insights and Policy Options”, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore; ISBN: 13 978-981-283-915-2, 2009; Principles & Perspectives in Biotechnology, 2011; ISBN: 978-81-8283-148-3; Bio Innovations and Entrepreneurship’, ISBN: 978-81-8283-123-0, 2012. Prof Swarup is based in Melbourne, Australia and India.

Dr Bala Surya Kumble, BE, M.Tech, PhD SMIEE, MAICD
Executive Chair, Global Knowledge Alliance

Dr. Bala Kumble has over 30 years’ experience in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry, Satellite Communications and Navigation, Navigational aids & avionics, Biomedical, Mining and Smart Grid technology. Dr Kumble’s interests include commercialisation of innovation in ICT, design and delivery of telecommunication networks, Mining innovation & mining communications, Smart Grid technology design & implementation, Medical Science and environmentally friendly technology innovation & implementation, education, and Tele Health. Dr Kumble is the Managing Director of Innova Sierra Pty Ltd which is an AusIndustry registered Innovation and R&D Company providing specialist R&D advice and management, Product development – concept to product release, and Innovation advice to Industry and other organisations. Dr Kumble is an advisor to R&D, Innovation program at Caason Group, and Dr Kumble is the Director of Global Knowledge Alliance. Previously, Dr Kumble was the founder & CTO of Azurn International Ltd a Unified Communications platform technology company, Senior Vice President of Azurn Networks Inc. USA., Senior Executive in Telecom New Zealand Australia in charge of Banking Infrastructure, Senior Executive in Telstra Corporation for Large Infrastructure, and Senior Executive & Head of Multimedia Group in Telstra. Dr Kumble was a Joint Director and Member Secretary of the National Radar Council Working Group, Government of India. Dr Kumble was responsible for Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Colonial Bank merger infrastructure creation and rationalization with a new IP Infrastructure for all of the CBA branched and Corporate Centrers. Dr Kumble as Head of Telstra Interactive Multimedia Group was responsible for innovative, real time multimedia products and Services. Dr Kumble led roll out of the first integrated Education Network – EduNet infrastructure and Services to Secondary Schools in Australia, led the Supermarket to Asia initiative of the Australian Government. Dr Kumble has led large Research & Development, and Commercialisation teams in leading-edge “techno-Economic” interface and leadership roles. Dr Kumble has worked extensively in leading edge technologies, and technology & Know-How transfer cross-borders internationally, including setting up of manufacturing in avionics and defense communication equipment, Marine Navigation and Communications. Dr Bala Kumble has been responsible for setting up Centres of Excellence in Reliability Engineering, EMI & EMC and Avionics Research. Dr Kumble has been reviewer for various Australian Research Council Research Grants (ARC) and CRC – Co-Operative Research Centres, an Industry – Academia joint initiatives in leading edge technologies. Dr Kumble is passionate about bringing together industry, research centres and academia in focusing the Universities and developmental centres towards societal and industrial requirements in all their academic teachings, Innovation and Research. Dr Kumble has advised on Intellectual Property (IP) management and protection, and IP assessment and patenting.

Dr Bala Kumble was the Chair of the Victorian Section of the IEEE, Chair IEEE TENCON – Austral Asian Group, and Chair of the Communication Society Chapter. Dr Kumble is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds PhD (Telecommunications), M.Tech (Communication Systems) and BE (Electronics & Communications Engineering) degrees. Dr Kumble has contributed extensively to Telecommunications Standardisation in ITU in Intelligent Networks, Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT – Unified Communications), Mobile GSM Standardisation Working Groups, Dr Kumble has published several papers and contributed to Patents, and was responsible for proposing and developing the concept of Universal Personal Telecommunications, what is currently known as Unified Communications. Dr Kumble was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal for outstanding contributions. Dr Kumble is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Alireza Jolfaei

Dr Alireza Jolfaei, received the Ph.D. degree from Griffith University, QLD, Australia. He is currently a Lecturer of Networking and Cyber Security in the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology at Federation University, Victoria, Australia. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA. His current research areas include cyber security, IoT security, human-in-the-loop CPS security, cryptography, AI and machine learning for cyber security. He has authored over 40 peer reviewed journal and conference articles on topics related to cyber security. He received the prestigious IEEE Australian council award for his research paper published in the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. He received a recognition diploma with cash award from the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society for his publication at the 2019 IEEE IES International Conference on Industrial Technology. He has received multiple awards for Academic Excellence, University Contribution, and Inclusion and Diversity Support. He is the guest associate editor of numerous IEEE journals and transactions, including IEEE IoT Journal and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications. He is currently serving as the Chair of Computational Intelligence Society in IEEE Victoria Section. He has served over 10 conferences in leadership capacities including program co-Chair, track Chair, session Chair, and Technical Program Committee member, including IEEE TrustCom and DependSys

Dr Alexe Bojovschi

Dr Alexe Bojovschi is an inventor and innovator. His innovations are used by companies that he founded or co-founded: IntAiB, iiRNet, and iDataMachine and other organizations with whom he worked including IBM, American Air Force Research Laboratory, Australian Defense Science and Technology, IND-Technologies, Monash University, RMIT University, Victoria Partnership for Advanced Computing, Swinburne University of Technology and Aston University. He holds 8 US and international patents and published many technical papers. Alexe developed numerous accelerated learning, creativity and innovation techniques and courses that are taught by International Academy of Innovative Business. He is invited to share his technologies, curiosity, creativity and innovation systems at Universities and Organizations around the world. He also appeared on media channels such as Australia Science Journal and ABC Radio.

He is leading innovative teams at the The University of Melbourne over the last 1.5 years on numerous projects. He is the #1 International Bestseller of “Innoaphorisms – A spark each day, Empower Innovation.”

Dr Sumukh Kumble
Doctor Biotechnology, MS(Res), BS(Hons), MACRS

Dr Sumukh Kumble is a Research and Product Development Professional with several years research experience working at the interface of business and science, of which three years were spent as a Postdoctoral Scientist and Project Manager. Sumukh has a strong background in Medical and Biotechnology research and development, having managed and contributed to several projects involved in cancer biomarker discovery, vaccine development as well as biopharmaceutical discovery and development. Drawing on from his strong background knowledge of developing biologics and pharmaceuticals from Lab to Bedside, Sumukh has a strong interest in the application and utilisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for clinical research, which will foster and expedite the process of drug/biologics development. Sumukh is currently working on use Artifial Intelligence Lifesciences applications, particularly use Ai and Machine Learning in Clinical Trials and Medical Image analysis for predictive outcomes to support Ophthalmologists in Retinopathy detection and Management. Sumukh is well versed in Australian Regulatory and Ethics requirements Clinical Trials, a well-versed Project Manager.

Sumukh has completed a Professional Doctorate in Biotechnology at the University of Queensland and made a significant contribution to the professional practice of Biotechnology. Sumukh has developed his own technical-commercial research project with a focus on the utilisation of platform technologies for small-to-medium sized biotechnological enterprises. Sumukh has managed a number of projects in collaboration with Industry and University overseeing projects involved in the development of next generation nanomedicines in the treatment of Type I diabetes as well as biopharmaceutical discovery projects, in collaboration with CSL™, to work on developing novel bio-therapeutics against putatively “undruggable” disease targets. Sumukh has contributed to several publications and has authored a Book Chapter in Antibody Discovery and Development. He has been awarded a Dean’s commendation for his Doctoral Research and been invited to the Golden Key International Honours Society.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Starke
Aachen University, Germany

Professor. Starke has studied Electrical Engineering at the Aachen Technical University (RWTH). After having received the Diploma Degree in Electrical Engineering, he continued as a scientific engineer at the university. During this time he prepared his PhD thesis with special focus on the development of advanced technologies in robotics and welding automation. In 1983 he received the Doctor Degree (Dr.-Ing.) from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of RWTH Aachen.

In 1985 he started into an industrial career in the Swedish ABB/ESAB Robotics Group with focus ion industrial robots and advanced robot technology for welding automation. He became Head of the German Robotics Department at ABB/ESAB premises near Frankfurt. As expert in industrial robotics and with five years of experience and extensive knowledge gained from his work in industrial automation applications with robots, in 1990 Prof. Starke returned back to Aachen. Here he continued with his scientific career and became Head of Research at the new Mechatronics Research Centre which started in 1994. In parallel he was managing director of the APS GmbH.

Since 2000 he became also involved in the Mechatronics Study Programs of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen). As full professor in Mechatronics since 2004, he is teaching engineering students of the Bachelor and Master Study Programs in Mechatronics and Robotics.

Professor Starke is well known as expert in Mechatronics and Robotics. From a scientific career of more than 30, he has gained a lot of experience and expertise especially in the fields of mechatronics and robotics, sensor technology, process control, graphical simulation in production engineering, and industrial automation. Many results from his scientific work have been published in numerous publications, as well as on conferences and seminars. Professor Starke has also extensive knowledge in research and technology development programs which are based on national or European funding schemes. In this context, he was coordinator of numerous successful research projects funded by the German Government or by the European Commission with partners from industry, from international research institutes, and from academia. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Starke is based in Aachen, Germany.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hahn
Managing Director, APS GmbH-European Centre for Mechatronics

Dr. Daniel Hahn, born in 1969, studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Aachen, which is among the best Universities in Germany. After receiving his diploma in 2000, Dr. Daniel worked as a Researcher at APS – European Centre for Mechatronics . He specialised in the area of production and successfully accomplished Basic and Applied Research Projects with the focus on Industrial Robotics, Embedded Systems and next generation of Industrial Communications. In 2007, Dr. Daniel got his PhD with the title : Robotics for flexible small batch production. He took charge of APS – European Centre as a Managing Director and CEO in 2013. DR,-Ing Hahn is based in Aachen, Germany.

Vangapandu Venkata Nagaraju (Raj)
Founder & CEO, Indo-Euro Synchronization, Germany

Mr.Vangapandu Venkatanagaraju, an young serial entrepreneur had a fleet in international business world in the fields of Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical and Information Technology. He is basically from a small village called Pamarru near Vijayawada in Andrapradesh. Being a technology enthusiast, he always used to be in a search of technology and opportunities across the world since his childhood. In this process, he was been in to several countries and currently he has been residing in Germany since the last 5 years.

Mr. Vangapandu (Raj) finished his graduation in the field of Aerospace Engineering and accomplished his masters degree also in the same field from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. During his bachelors and masters studies, he accomplished complex projects in Indian Space Research Organization – Sriharikota rocket launching station, India and supersonics and hypersonics department at German Aerospace Centre, Germany. Projects like optimising the acoustic noise at launch pad during space craft launch, Rocket cone aerodynamics analysis, and Mars capsule base flow analysis. Raj entered in to the entrepreneurship world in his early career and as of now he is holding a responsibility, as a director in four different international companies located various countries like Germany, Finland, Netherlands and India. Being a entrepreneur and observing the technology lack in the Indian SME sector, he took a wonderful initiative towards India for upgrading the technology from university level itself in the field of research and innovation by founding Indo-Euro Synchronization. In this process of technology up gradation, joins hands with world renowned research centers and took a initial step in the field of Industrial automation. Currently establishing the remote industrial automation labs at Indian academic sector with cooperation of APS GmbH-European Center for Mechatronics along with various Academic/Research activities to support India. Raj is based in Aachen, Germany and India.