Global Knowledge Alliance’s Skilling Initiative

GKA Skills’ is a unique knowledge enterprise that ensures the ultimate synthesis of global skills and international learning at learners doorstep by fostering and facilitating a variety of international knowledge and learning resources.

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  • ‘GKA Skills’ leverages the best of western learning and eastern values. As an example it makes the best amalgamation of the German technical acumen and apprenticeship with the many advantages of the Australian Technical and Further Education system which is a government-owned and nationally operated system of colleges offering qualifications that are recognized and transferable internationally.
  • The focus of ‘GKA Skills’ is on hands-on, practical training with key competencies worked into every course that are thought to be essential for people entering the workforce. Courses are developed in consultation with business and industry to ensure the skills are relevant and in demand.
  • Studying with ‘GKA Skills’ also provides a pathway to university education where Diploma graduates can receive up to one or two year’s credit towards a related university degree, through a system of credit transfer arrangements established with universities globally.
  • To ensure that students get the most out of their study experience ‘GKA Skills’ also offers a broad range of student support services. From orientation and activity programs to assistance with housing and counseling,
  • ‘GKA skills’ provides the synergies the best international practices and skills for an online marketplace as also offline classes. The course content and curricula are moderated by the ‘GKA Skills’ in close coordination with internationally recognized partners and the users are posted vocational classes about everything from retail marketing to making of crocheted jewelry and from how to invest to painting and calligraphy through a state of art virtual classroom where teachers from all walks of life are available.


  • ‘GKA Skills’ ensures that means the knowledge and skills most needed for specific jobs are relevant, accessible, affordable and flexible.
  • ‘GKA Skills’ gives options: from certificates to vocational graduate qualifications that comply with requirements of industry; from tailored individual training to packages that improve the skills of working groups within various industries.
  • ‘GKA Skills’ leverages the Training Course Directory abroad to Indian situation to offer the course most suited to the learners for internationally recognized assessments and qualifications that are industry.
  • With more than 30 study areas and 1,900 accredited courses, ‘GKA Skills’ would help to:
  • Find a pathways to chosen career and the right qualification for your dream job
  • Improves skills, knowledge and prospects of excelling in job
  • Explore a new area and expand individuals interests
  • Helps learners discover a rich learning environment with small class sizes and supportive and easily-accessible teachers
  • Find the best flexible option – full-time or part-time study, face-to-face learning or online.

The training and employability possibilities at ‘GKA Skills’ are endless.