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Political Marketing

Course ID – GKA-038

A political campaign is based on several principles, particularly the message that one wishes to convey to one’s constituents. A good message is key to winning or losing political elections. For example, an effective message was Obama’s Yes We Can, which was copied later by Podemos with his If You Can. Next comes the money needed to finance the campaign, and how to obtain this funding. Finally, there is the necessary activism of people associated with the candidate or the party, both physically and via cyberpolitics — the use of the mass media at the beginning of an electoral campaign.

The Master Political Marketing is designed to provide a complete and updated knowledge of the most advanced and _ productive international political and technical sciences in marketing, planning, communication, campaign execution, protocol and analysis of each scenario and possible political situation, taking into account the variables of each country.

The objective is to train professionals with a comprehensive understanding of all areas related to political marketing, to ensure that the multiple tasks associated with companies operating in these market areas can be answered.

The structure of the master Political Marketing is the one specified below:

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Political Marketing

Course ID – GKA-038

Module 1: Occidental Identity

Occidental Identity

Ancient and Classic Heritage

Relations between State and


Module 2: Consulting Political

International Policy and

International Relations of the United States

Political-electoral research and survey

Political consulting

Module 3: Political Marketing

Methodology of political marketing and communication

Techniques and instruments of political marketing, consulting and communication

Module 4: Electoral management

Leadership for politics

Spin Doctoring

Management of academic campaigns

Final Project Master (FPM)

Electives: Occidental Identity

Christian Culture and Religion

Compared Religions

Jewish Culture

Family and Social relations

Electives: Consulting Political

Fundraising and for policy

Innovative communication techniques for politics

Electives: Political Marketing

Web and social networks for politics

Political press office

Electives: Electoral management

Public speaking


Event organization

Election campaign management

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