Project Description

Occidental Identity and Global Affairs

Course ID – GKA-040

With this master’s degree, the student will acquire a general knowledge of the enduring meaning of Western culture and the influence of religion. This will also serve as an introduction to the world of international business and_ global affairs both geostrategically and geopolitically.

An important aspect of the master’s degree is its optional subjects. Hence, high-profile professionals in various fields will discuss the current state of affairs both within the West and in its external relations with Africa, Asia, the Mahrek or Maghreb, and others. This is a unique master since it offers the student a comprehensive global awareness of our shared Western Culture. Especially intended for non-Occidental students, but also for Westerners who wish to train in international relations, diplomacy, politics, or in any area of international business and finance, this master can provide a humanistic access to all of the estates and sectors that our Occidental system comprises.

The structure of the master Occidental Identity and Global Affairs is specified below:

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Occidental Identity and Global Affairs

Course ID – GKA-040

Module 1: Occidental Identity

Occidental Identity

Ancient and Classic Heritage

Relations between State and


Module 2: International Business

Business Intelligence

Macroeconomics and Global Policies

Administration and Accounting

Module 3: Global Affairs

Global Policies

Geostrategy & Geopolitics

Global Counterterrorism

Final Project Master (FPM)

Electives: Occidental Identity

Christian Culture and Religion

Compared Religions

Jewish Culture

Family and Social relations

Electives: International Business

Leadership and Diplomacy

Innovation and Science

Web and PHP design

Electives: International relations

The European Union

United Kingdom and its Commonwealth


North America


Australia and New Zealand



Relations with Asia

Relations with Africa

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