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Master Healing Therapies

Course ID – GKA-061

Alternative medicine, complementary therapies, holistic practices, natural health care, integrative medicine – these are some of the terms that are used today to describe a wide range of healing practices that fall outside of purely pharmaceutical or surgical treatments. Some examples are massage, meditation, and acupuncture.

But whether you say integrative or complementary therapies, holistic practices, or anything else, you mean the same thing: a wide range of healing practices that fall outside of purely pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

Alternative medical systems are complete systems that developed outside of the Western biomedical approach. Some examples are Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Mind-body interventions include behavioral, psychological, social, and spiritual approaches.

Bio-based therapies use plants or other biological materials. Examples include herbal medicines and aromatherapy

Manual techniques and body-based methods use manual techniques, touch, or movement of the physical body. Examples include massage therapy and chiropractic.

Energy therapies involve some form of energy to aid healing, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, or subtle energy. Examples include the healing touch and Reiki.


To all those professionals who practice curative medicine and do not have an official title, to all those who want to know these healing therapies and obtain an official title and to the public who wish to know them.

Applicants must have experience in managing social networks, as well as basic computer programs (Office Pack, email and web pages). To train professionals in political marketing and in the knowledge of all the forms related to it.

Duration, calendar

Duration: The Healing Therapies Master has a duration of 12 months

Modality: Online

General characteristics of online mode:

  1. Access to the platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  2. Online tutoring available during the program
  3. Full program availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  4. The program includes teaching materials, examples and practical exercises

The methodology has a theoretical-practical orientation in relation to the specific areas of the program, placing emphasis on teamwork, generating individualized and group supports to favor the learning of the diversity of the students. It emphasizes the solution of problems present in the field of study and is characterized by the application of case studies, problem solving in multidisciplinary contexts.

Start date: October 2020

Character: Professionalization program

The course will be held with a minimum of 10 students. If enrollment does not reach that minimum, other dates will be set and published in due course.

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Master Healing Therapies

Course ID – GKA-061



Occidental Identity
Ancient and Classical Heritage
Introduction to healing therapies


      1. Kai chikitsa
      2. Shalia chikitsa
      3. Shalakia chikitsa
      4. Urdhwanga chikitsa
      5. Kaumara bhritia
      6. Bhuta vidiá
      7. Rasaiana
      8. Vyikarana


      1. Ideogram
      2. Origin and history
      3. Mikao Usui
      4. Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai
      5. Principles of Reiki
      6. Japanese techniques
      7. Reiki in the West
      8. Levels
      9. Chacras
      10. Laying on of hands
      11. First Level Transmission or Initiation
      12. Symbols and uses
      13. Poems of the Meiji Emperor


Chinese medicine

      1. Acupuncture
      2. Tui Na
      3. Moxibustion
      4. Sales therapy
      5. Phytotherapy
      6. Dietetics
      7. Auriculotherapy


    1. Chromotherapy
    2. Radionics
    3. Tapping
    4. Scalar waves
    5. DNA activation
    6. Naturopathy
    7. Phytotherapy



      1. Fundamentals of nutrition and dietetics
      2. Homeopathy, empirical science
      3. Homeopathy, empirical science
      4. Theoretical bases of homeopathy
      5. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia
      6. Medications and materia medica
      7. Homeopathic Therapeutics
      8. Exercise of the profession and homeopathic legislation


Introduction to intuition

      1. The importance of properly rooting
      2.  The theory of the 3 brains
      3. Intuitive language
      4. Interpretation of symbols
      5. Intuition and emotional intelligence
      6. Tips and tricks to understand and listen to intuition
      7. Guidelines for meditation


Intuition and extrasensory perception

      1. Identify and manage my perception
      2. How to create a stable and lasting connection
      3. Perception levels
      4. How to manage my perceptions
      5. Interpretation of symbols
      6. Tips and tricks with the client


Improvement of Advanced Perception

      1. Tricks to fool the 3rd eye
      2. Biological family Vs. Soul family
      3. Transgenerational and PAS
      4. The legacy of Dr. Pim Van Lommel: Consciousness does not lodge in the brain
      5. Celestial levels according to George W. Meek
      6. The importance of lineage.
      7. Interaction of the emissary
      8. Organization: How do I know who is who
      9. Secrets: how they manifest themselves and what effects do they have
      10. Affections, pacts, feelings and ailments. How does it work

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