Project Description

Cyberwar Crime and Security

Course ID – GKA-034

Cybersecurity is the area related to computer science and telematics that focuses on the protection of computing infrastructure and everything related to it. Security in a network environment is the ability to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. No one in charge of security should determine who and when they can take appropriate action on a specific item.
The structure of the master Cyberwar, Crime & Security is specified in the course details tab.

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Cyberwar Crime and Security

Course ID – GKA-034

Module 1: Occidental identity

Occidental Identity

Ancient and Classic Heritage

Relations between State and


Module 2: Cybersecurity

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Security analysis

Web security

Cybersecurity Ecosystem


Module 3: Methods

Forensic analysis


Acquisition of evidence

Evidence analysis

Cryptography and vulnerabilities

Industrial espionage

Module 4: Security Projects


PHP Security

SIEM Security



Final Project Master (FPM)

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