Automation & Robotics Centre

Global Knowledge Alliance, APS GmbH – European Centre for Mechatronics, and Indo Euro Sync  have signed a partnership agreement to establish an Advanced Automation and Robotics Centre in Melbourne Australia. Global Knowledge Alliance (GKA)is a Research, Productisation, and Training & Education organisation working across borders. GKA, in partnership with European Centre for Mechatronics, and Indo European Synchronisation has established an Automation and Robotics Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

The focus for the ARC are

  • Education and Training in co-operation with local TAFE, Technical Colleges, Universities and Industry.
  • Product, Solution and Application development in collaboration with local Industry, Education Institutions and Research Organisation
  • Application of Robotics, Mechatronics, Sensor networking and Automation applications in

— Agriculture and Farming
— Medical Automation
— Manufacturing and Retailing
— Emergency Management, with initial focus on “Bush Fire” detection, monitoring and management using “Drone” technology

ARC Education and Training

– Robotics & Mechatronics – Mobile Systems
– Embedded Systems – Human-Centered Engineering
– Adaptive Process Control – Simulation, VR and AR
– Sensor Networks – Process Automation
– Advanced Control Architectures – Manufacturing Automation

  • Advanced mobile robot
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Distributed control
  • Man-Machine interface
  • Adaptive welding control
  • Simulation-based task planning

ARC- Advanced Robotic Control: Remote Robotic Lab

  • Up gradation in technology – Knowledge Enhancement program’s
  • Stating with simple Industrial tasks: Prepared by International experts, designed and executed by students, supported by their faculty
  • Interaction with International Experts
  • Experiencing the practical work by applying implemented tasks on Industrial robots placed in Germany
  • Getting job ready for National and International Automation Market
  • Innovation and Product oriented Automation for Indian SME sector
  • Student benefits
  • Certification
  • Internships
  • Exchange Programs to Germany
  • Support to higher education

APS GmbH – European Centre for Mechatronics: APS has more than30 years of experience in the area of industrial robotics, sensor technology, information and communication technology, these solutions are provided to the potential clients across the world. By gaining vast experience in the field of research and development, APS plays a vital role in providing the top seminars in recently advanced technologies. APS has an extensive knowledge in education due to their professors as well as academic cooperation’s and establishments of mechatronic courses worldwide

APS GmbH – European Centre for Mechatronics has more than 35 successful realised projects in the major EU-Programmes since 1980:

  • IST
  • NMP
  • ICT

Indo European Synchronization has been set up to organizes the establishment of R&D labs in India together with the worldwide renowned partners “APS GmbH – European Centre for Mechatronics”, Germany and “Steinbeis Center for Technology Transfer”, India. The aim is to enhance the current education by concrete industrial automation concepts by teaching robotics at Indian universities with access to real industrial robot. Further, these labs can support Indian industries including SMEs by providing automation solutions tested under real production requirements. In addition, the gap is bridged to participate at global research programs in the future.

Applied Robots Control for Industrial Automation:

  • Each participating university receives a software access for simulation and control of industrial robots.
  • Students learn individually and as a team to solve concrete industrial tasks which are splits into 10 suitable sub-tasks for immediate learning success. These tasks are supervised by trained Indian faculty members along with remotely participating German experts.
  • The automation tasks are designed and developed in cooperation with the Indian faculty members.

Use of Drones

Use of DRONES based on Open architecture for Smart and Interoperable networks in Risk management based on In-situ Sensors (OSIRIS)

Disaster Management Project